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New Lens Scenario is now available in Japanese

In March 2013, Shell released scenarios that explore two possible ways the 21st century could unfold, with dramatically different implications for society and the world’s energy system. The New Lens Scenarios becomes available in Japanese translation.

The New Lens Scenarios, which look at trends in the economy, politics and energy as far ahead as 2100, underscore the critical role that government policies could play in shaping the future. Called Mountains and Oceans, Shell’s scenarios explore two plausible future pathways for society. Each scenario dives into the implications for the pace of global economic development, the types of energy we use to power our lives and the growth in greenhouse gas emissions.

To explore Mountains and Oceans in more detail, download Shell’s New Lens Scenarios at http://www.shell.com/global/future-energy/scenarios/new-lens-scenarios.html  

About Shell Scenario

Shell has a 40-year history of using scenario planning to explore possible future landscapes and aid strategic decision-making. The latest publication continues a tradition of sharing summaries of the scenarios to contribute to the public debate about possible ways to tackle some of society’s long-term challenges.


The New Lens Scenarios are part of an ongoing process used in Shell for 40 years to challenge executives’ perspectives on the future business environment. We base them on plausible assumptions and qualification, and they are designed to stretch management to consider even events that may be only remotely possible. Scenarios, therefore, are not intended to be predictions of likely future events or outcomes and investors should not rely on them when making an investment decision with regards to Royal Dutch Shell plc securities.

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