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This includes the provision of business and operational consultancy, technical services, licensed technologies, catalysts and RD services.


We have supported the Shell Group's worldwide business activities throughout the value chain, including upstream, downstream and gas and power operations, for over 50 years. This work is a key component in Shell's technology and responsible energy strategies.

Business and operational consultancy

Shell Global Solutions leverages leading-edge technical expertise for non-Shell clients worldwide where our owner-operator experience, implementation support from hands on staff, best practices and scientific understanding can help resolve our clients' business and operational challenges. Shell Global Solutions also includes the catalyst business CRI/Criterion and gas absorption company, Cansolv which means we can offer our customers a wide range of tailored solutions.

Licensed technologies

Shell Global Solutions licenses cutting-edge technologies as well as providing business and operational consultancy to help customers improve the capacity and performance of existing units; integrate new process units into existing refinery operations; incorporate advanced catalyst systems and reactor internals; and build new refineries. As our clients respond to the changing business environment, we provide extended services from initial consultancy and throughout all project phases.


Criterion is the world's largest supplier of hydroprocessing catalysts, which includes catalysts for hydrotreating, hydrocracking, hydrogenation, isomerisation and naphtha reforming. We work with refiners in virtually every part of the world. Our goal is to help each customer realise greater value from his hydroprocessing assets by providing superior catalysts and customised technical advice. To accomplish this goal, we set our sights on building lasting relationships and a teamwork environment with each customer.


CRI is part of CRI / Criterion Inc., the global catalyst technology company of the Shell Group is dedicated to providing a broad customer base with the most effective and cost-efficient catalysts and technologies available. Specific areas of focus include hydrogenation, oxidation, dehydrogenation, and environmental catalysts and systems. Fully integrated technical service and support groups further enhance the customer value of CRICC's products, and facilitate creative solutions to the most difficult customer problems.

Canslov Technologies Inc.

CTI is an innovative, technology-centred company that offers its clients high efficiency air pollution and capture solutions for the removal of SO2 and CO2 from gas streams in various industrial applications. Our commitment is to provide custom designed economic solutions to our clients' environmental problems.