About Us

Shell Energy Japan is a 100% Shell-owned, pan-Japan power marketing and trading business. We are a member of the electricity exchange (JEPX) and are all set to start the electricity trading business in Japan.

In line with our global ambition to expand our power business, we aim to actively pursue commercially viable business opportunities across the entire power value chain in Japan.

We already play a significant role as a power trader and wholesale supplier in North America and have a growing power trading business in Europe. We are also involved in generation through wind and solar projects in the USA and Europe. We have decades of experience trading power and supplying it wholesale to energy retailers. This power trading and wholesale supply takes place at the level of the grid, one step away from the final consumer.

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We look forward to helping you meet your energy needs.

Please write to us at ShellEnergyJapan@shell.com

Telephone: +81-3-3218-1876 (9am-5:30pm (JST), Monday to Friday, except for Japanese public holidays)


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Shell Energy offers a comprehensive suite of tailored products and solutions, including rapidly growing capacity, trading and technical expertise and smart energy solutions, serving customers across the commercial and industrial sectors.

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Shell Energy Europe provides your business with advanced and high value solutions for energy assets and commodities, including natural gas, power and CO2, across a broad range of European markets.

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